"James is one of the most respected luxury single-family home developers in the North Jersey area. Not only do I know him from his work in the area, but he also built my own house. His work ethic and high standards will surpass your expectations. He doesn’t cut corners, he will provide you with the best quality no matter if he is building a multi-million dollar house or working on a small project in your house. He is always willing to assist you in your homeowner journey, from the most general question to the most specific one, and he always responds immediately. You can rest assured that he will do the best possible to satisfy the most demanding client, and that he will be by your side not only until the product has been completed, but also for years to come. I highly recommend James as a home developer. "

Gaby - Project completed July 2014


"It's been three years since we moved into our home that James built and we couldn't be happier. It was a big step moving from the city to the suburbs, however moving into such a beautiful new home made it a much easier transition. We are very pleased with the quality of his workmanship, professionalism, and his attention to detail. He has been very thorough throughout the whole process and a great help while we picked out all of the finishes including paint colors, bathroom vanities, kitchen design, molding, tile, etc. James was very patient and delivered on all commitments. We would highly recommend James for any future needs for our house and highly recommend him to our friends and family to use his services. We are very satisfied with the overall product he has delivered. "

 Alison and Brett - Project completed December 2012